About Us

FUTA KASHMIR  is a cashmere clothing and accessories line based out of Oakland ,CA.  Jocelyn Bada  is the designer and creative director behind it -it is  a manifestation of her designer dreams and fashionista desires. Inspired by the softness, longevity, beauty of luxury cashmere - brought together with her urban experience, she's created a line with edges of mainstream bling and classic silhouettes. Fashion has always been something she has loved , but only recently was able to make her cashmere dreams a reality, to make cashmere look as sexy as it feels. 

We at FK believe in quality and working with local artists. We use Todd & Duncan yarn, which is claimed to be some of the best yarn in the world.  It is then woven by Myrrhia in her studio in Oakland, California.  All the jewelry on the dresses and onesies are put together by another local artist , Sydney of Madelegance. 

Our pieces are made for you to love. They are sustainable, water resistant, UVB protective, and get softer with wear and  wash. Everything is made to order therefore we can make everything custom sized.... Treat yourself or someone you love with a gift that will last as long as love itself.